7 Days Remaining

Saturday 27th
posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

THE Tories faced accusations yesterday of neglecting the opportunity to call on people to register to vote in the election in the run-up to the deadline earlier this week, new analysis has revealed.

Labour’s popularity on social media has soared as voters seek an alternative to the mainstream media that has often been hostile to leader Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, the Press Association study also found.

Mr Corbyn’s most popular message since the Tories unveiled their unpopular and uncosted manifesto on Monday May 22 — the deadline day to register — said: “[His team] looked through Theresa May and the Conservatives’ Facebook and Twitter pages, and they have not put out a single message encouraging people to register to vote.”

Posts by the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for Labour and Mr Corbyn have received more shares and positive reactions on average than any of the other parties and their leaders.

Both accounts proved to be more than five times as popular on Facebook and more than twice as popular on Twitter than those of the Conservatives and PM Theresa May.

On Facebook, Tories were less popular than every major party except Plaid Cymru based on average positive reactions per post following their manifesto launch.

On May 5, the Conservatives posted a Facebook message urging British citizens abroad to register, but this is the only message from either the party or Ms May encouraging registration.

Almost 250,000 people aged under 25 signed up on deadline day.

Overall, more than 620,000 people applied for a vote on that day with the majority from younger age groups — in a move that would potentially benefit Labour.

They also included 207,000 in the 25 to 34 age bracket.