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Monday 25th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

Labour finally offers hope, leader tells rally

LABOUR must be prepared to deliver a government for the people, Jeremy Corbyn told a pre-conference rally on Saturday night.

Thousands packed into a Brighton park as the Labour leader told crowds there was a “thirst for real change across Britain.”

“We now have the chance to transform our country and must challenge the Tories at every step using our strength inside and outside Parliament,” he said.

The popular leader said Labour must be prepared to form a government adding: “We are in a moment of great change. In the economy, politics and across the world.

“For the first time in a long time, we can provide a politics of hope and a politics for the people.”

Mr Corbyn — who has spent the summer travelling to marginal constituencies across Britain — said the movement for social change could propel Labour to power.

The Tories had been exposed as “a party of the rich, for the rich, by the rich delivering for the rich,” he blasted.

Crowds gathered ahead of the “biggest ever” Labour Party conference in Brighton which comes months after Mr Corbyn defied critics at the general election to deliver Labour’s biggest vote share since 1945 leaving the Tories without a majority.

While PM Theresa May faces calls to resign, many now see Mr Corbyn’s position as more secure having fought off two leadership challenges prior to June’s poll.

Major rule changes are expected to be approved at this week’s conference which will make it easier for a left-wing candidate to appear on the ballot paper in any future leadership contest.

In a victory for the left, the national executive committee (NEC) agreed to lower the number of nominations a candidate needs to run for party leader from 15 per cent of MPs and MEPs to 10 per cent — a move which gives more power to the party membership.

Unite NEC representative Jennie Formby hailed the reforms, which also include an additional three NEC places for delegates elected by the party membership.

She praised the role of Labour grassroots organisation Momentum for the “brilliant job” they did in campaigning for Mr Corbyn.

The Labour leader finished by saying that by working together “we can and we will” bring about the changes in society we need.