8 Days Remaining

Saturday 15th
posted by Malcolm Burns in Britain

SCOTTISH Labour leadership contender Neil Findlay yesterday laid out a radical new agenda for equality ahead of hustings at Scottish Labour Women’s conference this weekend.

The Lothian MSP proposes a new Scottish law to address the pay gap between men and women.

“The STUC’s Close the Gap campaign reveals that women in Scotland working full-time earn 14 per cent less than men — and women working part-time earn 33 per cent less per hour than men’s full-time hourly rate,” Mr Findlay told the Morning Star.

“Over 40 years after the Equal Pay Act, that’s not acceptable — and it’s something that under my leadership Scottish Labour can and will change.”

Mr Findlay argues the power to “set a decent living wage” should be devolved to Scotland. 

“The minimum wage should be a living wage,” he said. 

His policy platform includes more free or affordable childcare at the times it is needed, increased women’s access to university and college, training and apprenticeships across all industrial areas and in public life

And he has called for action on abuse and violence against women including a modern day slavery bill to protect vulnerable women from physical and sexual exploitation.

Labour’s Scottish health spokesman also proposed “a substantial investment in public health that will reduce the nine-year gap in life expectancy between the wealthiest and poorest women.”

Mr Findlay said: “I’m in politics to tackle inequality and inequality is at its most glaringly unjust as it applies to women. 

“In society as a whole and in the workplace in particular women don’t get a fair deal. 

“If we are going to win in the future women need to know that Labour will deliver policies that will change their lives — I’m advocating policies that will do that.”