19 Days Remaining

Thursday 14th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

BRITAIN has “a long way to go” in enabling transgender equality, according to the first report on the issue published yesterday by a parliamentary women and equalities committee.

The government should produce a new strategy for full equality for those whose gender identities differ from those they were born with within six months, it wrote, as the plan established five years ago remains “largely unimplemented.”

More than 30 recommendations were listed in the report, which criticises the way transgender people are treated by authorities and the NHS “failing in its legal duty” to provide equal access to health services.

Trans people experience “high levels” of daily abuse and this undermines careers, living standards and health, cross-party panel of MPs continued.

Around 650,000 people are “gender incongruent to some degree” and the committee cited estimations that one third of adults and half of young people who are transgender attempt suicide.

MPs want to reduce the age limit for official recognition of a new gender without parental consent from 18 to 16 and to enforce mandatory training for police officers on transphobic hate crimes.

Also proposed is the removal of gender recording on documents — unless relevant — and to prevent the “outing” of transgender people in court.

The report warned of a “clear risk of harm” of trans people held in prisons according to their birth genders, referring to two transgender women who died last year in men’s prisons.

The position of transgender prisoners must be “urgently” clarified in new guidelines being drawn up, the committee said.