19 Days Remaining

Thursday 21st
posted by Luke James in Britain

A WOMAN who says she was sexually harassed by Lord Rennard warned yesterday that the Lib Dems face a female exodus after welcoming him back into the party. 

Susan Gaszczak — one of four activists who made allegations against the peer — said an “astounding” number of women activists have already told her they would quit. 

The backlash comes after the Lib Dems dropped disciplinary action against Mr Rennard yesterday.

Leader Nick Clegg acknowledged the women “felt let down” and said he was “determined that no member of our party should find themselves in that position again.”

But Ms Gaszczak, who quit in July, said members are already following her out of the party. 

“I don’t see that they’re going to come back from this easily,” she told Radio 4’s Today programme. 

“The number of women who were last night getting in touch and saying I’m going to resign from the party now was astounding.”

Ms Gaszczack described Mr Rennard as a “fabulous election strategist” who “just had a problem with wandering hands.”

And Mr Clegg was accused of putting his party’s “fading election hopes” above all else by Labour shadow women’s minister Gloria Del Piero.

“Yet again he has failed to show any kind of leadership,” she said. 

Another Lib Dem activist who made allegations against Mr Rennard, Alison Goldsworthy, said the party should be “ashamed” of its  decision to reinstate him. 

Mr Rennard said: “The worst that might be said of me in [Mr Webster’s] report was that I may have inadvertently encroached on the personal space of some of the complainants and I apologised for this to all four of them.”