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Friday 22nd
posted by Richard Bagley in Britain

Tax cuts for the rich and scrapping climate change fight all on the agenda

POLITICAL neanderthals Ukip unveiled a raft of supposedly pro-working-class policies yesterday which promised tax cuts for the rich and a stone-age bid to block the fight against climate change.

In an interview with City-slicker-owned Prospect magazine MEP Tim Aker claimed his party was “beyond left-right, authoritarian-libertarian” and just wanted to make people’s lives “easier, simpler” and for them to feel “more comfortable.”

Without pausing for breath Mr Aker — formerly a co-ordinator for shadowy big business lobby group The Taxpayer’s Alliance — listed Ukip’s policy priorities as slashing taxes for people earning £55,000 a year and abolishing the Climate Change Act.

He also suggested a system of “direct democracy” allowing the public to organise petitions that could lead to national referendums.

But the phrase echoes the new name for the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament in which Ukip sits alongside the far-right Danish People’s Party and a hotch-potch of extreme nationalist groups.

Mr Aker claimed that Ukip, which is currently polling at 12 per cent and hopes to win its first MP at next year’s election, was cooking up a manifesto that was “blue collar but for people that want to aspire to achieve absolutely anything.”

Anti-fascist campaign Hope Not Hate warned voters not to be fooled.

“They’re very far from a party of the working class,” said spokesman Simon Cressy.

“A lot of the leadership went to public school and earn a lot of money in the City.”

While leader Nigel Farage may be a “polished politician, people need to look at what they really stand for.

“Some of their European partners have extensive links to the far-right and nazi movement.”

He added that the party’s true colours were revealed in recent incidents which included Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson branding the Thai wife of a supporter a “ting tong from somewhere” and fellow Euro-MP Steven Woolfe saying he hoped Islamist extremist group Isis would bomb a new NHS centre near his home.

“These are the people who are writing the policies,” said Mr Cressy.