12 Days Remaining

Tuesday 15th
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

ALMOST 3,000 workers across the world will lose their jobs as a result of oil giant Shell swallowing up rival BG Group, it emerged yesterday.

Shell agreed plans for a £47 billion takeover of BG in April. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce approved the blueprint at the weekend, following green lights from regulators in Australia, the US, the EU and Brazil.

The 2,800 job losses will come on top of existing plans to reduce the staff of Shell and its contractors by 7,500 across the globe.

A company statement said: “Shell’s expectation is that BG’s business would be integrated into Shell’s businesses. As part of that, Shell proposes that office consolidation will be undertaken where practical in certain locations around the world.

“With regards to office footprint rationalisation in the UK, Shell will, following deal completion, undertake a comprehensive review during the course of 2016.

“The proposed changes are subject to deal completion, engagement with affected employees and relevant employee representatives.”

A spokesman told the Star that the jobs axed were likely to be office-based and that the cuts aimed to avoid duplication of functions in the merged company.

The price for Brent Crude has fallen to around $37 (£24) a barrel, less than half of what it was in the summer of last year.

The fall in the oil price has led to thousands of job losses on offshore rigs and in onshore support services and supply chains. Oil giants have also attacked terms and conditions, which unions have warned could endanger workers’ lives.