13 Days Remaining

Wednesday 8th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

A DISGRUNTLED teenager who smashed up a Tory MP’s car during this year’s general election campaign received a community order yesterday.

Kieron Nickles was staying at his mother’s house in Romford when he was woken up by a voice from a megaphone saying: “Vote Andrew Rosindell, vote Conservative.”

Infuriated at having his sleep disturbed, he picked up a brick from the garden and put it through the window of the Tory MP’s Land Rover before running away.

Mr Nickles was caught by a Tory aide after a chase in which a garden fence suffered damage.

Mr Rosindell has been the Tory MP for Romford since 2001 and is firmly on the right of the party.

During the election, he was often seen canvassing with his Staffordshire bull terrier Spike, who wore a union flag waistcoat.

Mr Rosindell was a member of the notorious Monday Club, a far-right organisation that was thought to have been infiltrated by the National Front in the 1970s, until he resigned in 2001 under pressure from then Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith.

He is also a member of the anti-trade union Freedom Association, which campaigned against boycotts of apartheid South Africa.

Appearing at Barkingside magistrate’s court, Mr Nickel admitted causing £800 of damage to the MP’s car and £21.36 of damage to the fence.

Mr Ali, defending, told the court: “He [Nickles] believed it was a breach of the peace, and so picked up a brick from the garden and put it through the window.”

“Kieron is now 18, he is looking forward to becoming a father to his child, he is starting his GSG qualification.

“This means he will be able to work in construction. He is living in a semi-independent hostel and has applied for jobseeker’s allowance.”

Chairwoman of the bench Dr Myrna Gilbert handed a community order to the teenager, obliging him to wear an electronic tag and remain at home between 9pm and 6am.

Following the hearing, Mr Rosindell commented: “The most important outcome here was that the young man was caught and did not escape the law.”

However, the Tory MP’s assistant Chris Muspratt complained that the court had not gone far enough.

“Given the latest spike in moped enabled crime and anti-social behaviour a small fine and curfew may appear to be a slap on the wrist to many,” he moaned.