20 Days Remaining
CWU activists deride Royal Mail's 'chicken' decision to take to the courts rather than negotiate seriously

Thursday 12th
posted by Morning Star in Editorial

Royal Mail is having a laugh if it thinks it can resolve a serious workplace dispute with legal chicanery.

The CWU entered and left the courtroom yesterday with an overwhelming mandate for strike action, and the union has worked hard and done well to clear the hurdles put in its way by Britain’s anti-trade union laws.

This injunction changes nothing about that. What do Royal Mail bosses hope to achieve? What do they think yesterday’s ruling will do?

Royal Mail workers are utterly fed up with bosses’ ducking and diving in a dispute that has already involved extensive negotiations and mediation. The company’s actions will only further fuel their anger and bind workers closer together as they fight for a just deal.

Royal Mail workers must be commended for the strength they have shown since the service’s privatisation by the Tories and their Liberal Democrat collaborators. They are keenly aware of the importance of the service and the importance of fighting against bosses’ slasher plans for postal workers’ jobs and pensions.

And yesterday’s ruling should make all workers aware of the forces arrayed against them, the roadblocks that bosses and the state will put in their path, and the lengths to which they must go to overcome them.