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Tuesday 18th
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

Working-class cat owners who like Pussy Riot form core of the people's paper's audience

A typical Morning Star reader is a working-class cat-owner whose favourite band is Pussy Riot, data from polling company YouGov has claimed.

The agency launched YouGov Profiler yesterday, a new tool which generates a user profile for brands, groups and organisations.

Based on a sample of 52 members of YouGov's panel who read the people's paper, it has generated a picture of "Morning Star Man."

He - and he is apparently likely to be male - lives in London, Yorkshire or the south coast and has less than £125 of spare income each month.

He is most likely to work in manufacturing - though law and the Civil Service are close runners up.

His favourite dishes are mutter paneer, lentil casserole and classic cheese and onion pasty and he shops at the Co-op.

Clad in Levi's jeans and a much-hated Primark jumper, he plays chess and keenly follows rugby league.

Morning Star Man is likely to make statements such as: "Basically, Marx was right."

And what of the other papers? Guardian Guy is likely to be solidly middle-class, with over £1,000 to spare each month. And he has tastes to suit, opting for the posher dishes of aubergine parmigiana and braised endive.

As for the Daily Mail, their typical reader is fond of cheese and tomato sandwiches. The Mail milieu are likely to be dog owners and observe: "This country is going to the dogs."

Morning Star acting editor Ben Chacko said: "They may be right about the food - I've seen Communist Party leader Robert Griffiths tuck into mutter paneer many times and I know for a fact our columnist Paddy McGuffin once broke a tooth eating a lentil casserole.

"But Pussy Riot?!"


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