9 Days Remaining

Monday 17th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

BRITISH AIRWAYS bosses have been accused of new attempts at strike-breaking, offering non-union members extra cash to accept a pay award, the Star can reveal today.

Unite members in the airline’s mixed fleet are on their 42nd day of strike action in their dispute with BA over poverty pay, having rejected a paltry rise of just 6p per hour.

A further 14-day strike is due to start on Wednesday. In a letter seen by the Star, airline bosses appear to have written to staff regarding the “mixed fleet pay offer January 2017.”

Once logged in to BA’s internal system, staff are advised to enter text reading: “I have read the terms of the individual pay offer January 1 2017.”

It continues: “I confirm that I am not a member of a trade union and have not been a member at any point from and including the date of this offer, January 1 2017. I confirm that I wish to accept the individual offer.”

Mixed-fleet Unite members blasted BA bosses and questioned the legality of the offer.

“Crew not in any union earn £555 more salary than union crew. How is this legal?” a statement from the union asked.

During the dispute, Unite have accused bosses of imposing sanctions on those who have taken part in strikes by withdrawing staff benefits.

Last month BA hired nine fully staffed planes from Qatari Airways in a scab operation, a move which has been condemned by international pilot groups.

British Airways had not responded to a request for comment as the Morning Star went to press.