10 Days Remaining

Friday 16th
posted by Morning Star in Arts

by Bob Oram

AFTER seven albums with The Coral, guitarist Lee Southall is now getting back into a new groove with a gentler and more fragile honesty as he sings about personal experiences like becoming a father and moving away from Merseyside to a “hill in west Yorkshire.”


He’s a really talented guitarist and his voice is both achingly pure and as soulful as a veteran country-folk singer.


His vocal harmonies with Ant Davey and guitar sound make for pure stereo. Opener Misty Mae could be a classic 60s song, while Yesterday Morning is a soothing and hypnotic tune for his daughter. “Every step you take, soon to make your own way home,” reflects the passing of time, a recurring theme in his songs.


Blue Skies, Nobody Wins and Shade of Blue will hopefully appear on his long-awaited debut solo album scheduled for March.


Spread your Wings raises the tempo and there’s a passion to both his bluesy guitar playing and his vocal delivery, while the deeper and darker tempo of Under The Weather is a perfect lead up to In Accordance. With a clever, slow build the song climaxes leaving you overwhelmed with the strength of his voice shining alongside lovely intricate guitar picking.


A great set from a brilliant artist growing all the time in confidence and skill.


Southall’s supported by the excellent Ady Johnson, fresh off a recent British tour with Scott Matthews.


His self-produced debut album Tell The Worry Dolls is a gem and he opens with the superb 20,000 Miles From Home and then Pink Flamingos.


Warm and engaging, Johnson uses his training in classical guitar performance to create the perfect eclectic tunes for his wide range of vocal pitches.


He’s a master storyteller and Caroline, Thank You For the Good Things and new song Black and Blue all paint their pictures, Jewelly Box sounds near perfect and Whale Song rocks out a short but wonderful set from a top musician.


The intimate Green Note venue is made for great nights like this.