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Wednesday 27th
posted by Morning Star in World

Israeli PM Netanyahu blames Palestinian Authority ‘incitement’

THREE members of the Israeli occupation forces were killed yesterday by a Palestinian day labourer at the entrance to the illegal West Bank settlement of Har Adar, near Jerusalem.

Nimr Mahmoud Ahmed Jamal, who had a permit to work in settlements, was shot dead after killing border police officer Solomon Gabariya and security guards Yussef Utman and Or Arish. Settlement security co-ordinator Amit Steinhart also sustained serious injuries.

An initial investigation indicates that Mr Jamal arrived with a group of Palestinian workers at the rear entrance to the settlement, pulling a handgun from under his shirt after being ordered to stop and then opening fire.

The military occupation regime imposed a collective punishment on his neighbouring home village of Beit Surik, banning residents from leaving except on humanitarian grounds.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the attack “a result of incitement by the Palestinian Authority,” demanding that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounce the attack “and not try to justify it.”

He said that Mr Jamal’s home would be demolished and his extended family’s work permits revoked.

Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said: “There is no difference between Palestinian terrorism, which is fed and fuelled in an institutional manner, and the radical Islamic terrorism that carried out terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

“Before talking about any kind of [peace settlement] negotiations, the world must demand of the Palestinian Authority to stop its incitement and encouragement of terror.”

However, Israel’s internal Shin Bet security service downplayed ideology as a motive, saying that the attacker had been plagued with personal issues.

His wife had recently fled to Jordan, leaving him with their four children, its preliminary investigation indicated.

In a message to his estranged wife that he asked her to share on Facebook, Mr Jamal praised her and called himself a bad husband.

“I was very jealous and I’ve done terrible things in the community. I ask you to forgive me and take care of the kids,” he wrote.

Islamist resistance group Hamas called yesterday’s attack a “heroic operation” that was a “natural response” to Israeli aggression against Palestinians and proved that the Palestinian uprising was still alive.