7 Days Remaining

Monday 5th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

TORIES in Norfolk were accused yesterday of using scare tactics to force Labour supporters to remove election posters by falsely claiming that displaying them was in breach of the law.

Labour candidate Jo Rust, who is contesting the North West Norfolk seat, held with a 14,000 majority by Sir Henry Bellingham, said party supporters were receiving threatening letters.

She said the letters were a sign that the Tories are worried. She urged Labour supporters to keep their posters up. 

Ms Rust told the Star that she found her own “Vote Labour” board had been defaced and torn down from the fence outside her home yesterday. 

A letter seen by the Star was sent to Labour supporter Matthew Sanctuary demanding that he remove a “Vote Labour” board from his property in Nar Valley Park, which is a joint development by King’s Lynn Borough Council and Norfolk County Council.

The anonymous sender suggested that by displaying the poster in his ground floor window, Mr Sanctuary was in breach of “restrictive covenants” they claimed had been signed when the flat was bought, and that it must be removed.

Councillor Gary McGuinness said had not written the letters and said that no such “restrictive covenant” existed.

Ms Rust told the Star: “This is an indication of how worried Conservative supporters are if they will resort to this behaviour.

“But some people who receive it will be genuinely worried and to cause concern like that is unnecessary and typical of the behaviour of the Conservatives.

“Things are getting close. Because of this the Tories are trying to scare Labour supporters,” she alleged. “There’s just one week to go and they know they will not get the massive majority they planned for.”