20 Days Remaining

Friday 30th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Sofia Lotto Persio

JUNIOR doctors have won a “clear moral victory” despite losing the legal argument at the High Court, campaigners said yesterday.
The Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) group said the decision was a win for junior doctors’ group Justice for Health which brought the case, even though they lost the legal argument.
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had to prove he had not intended to “impose” a contract, as doing so would have been outside of his ministerial powers.
As a result of this campaigners are now saying this means NHS employers and employees can seek to negotiate different terms for the new contract.
KONP co-chairman Dr Tony O’Sullivan, a retired consultant paediatrician, said: “It is clear that the government is now denying imposition, and therefore it is an opportunity for NHS employers to mend some of the huge damage done by Hunt’s bully boy behaviour, and to enter ‘normal’ contractual negotiations with the junior doctors’ committee of the BMA.
“All parties want a new contract, but the NHS needs contracts that are fair and sustainable and backed by sufficient NHS staff and funding to enable their vital work to be safe and effective.”
But NHS Providers suggested they would not be open to negotiations over the contracts.
The trade body’s head Chris Hopson said: “As for suggestions that individual trusts have a choice as to whether to introduce the new contract or not, NHS trusts tell us that they believe a single national contract offers a consistent approach that is in the best interests of patients and the wider NHS workforce.
“This is also the view of the NHS arm’s-length bodies.”