12 Days Remaining

Wednesday 13th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

MILLIONS must mobilise to deliver Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of a society for the many not the few, TUC delegates heard in Brighton yesterday.

CWU general secretary Dave Ward called for a “million workers [to get] out on the streets” at a Morning Star fringe meeting.

He said that with the election of Mr Corbyn we have “the best platform we’ve ever had to rebuild trade union values in society.”

The Labour leader has imbued confidence in workers which has led to strikes by lowpaid workers, including those who walked out at McDonald’s last week, Mr Ward said.

But he warned against premature calls for a general strike, saying the struggle must be built for — but the TUC should be co-ordinating action across Britain’s trade unions.

NEU joint national president Louise Regan spoke of the union’s work in building a new model of trade unionism, adding: “The Morning Star plays an important role in the movement.”

She called for education to be properly funded and warned: “If we don’t invest in young people the impact is dire.”

POA general secretary Steve Gillan said we shouldn’t be afraid of the new 50 per cent ballot thresholds for industrial action as the union considers co-ordinated action against the government’s “paltry” pay offer, which he said amounts to a pay cut for thousands of prison workers.

Morning Star editor Ben Chacko said that Mr Corbyn was winning victories as he is “not playing by the rules of the boss class.”

He told those gathered: “We want a world where workers and not bosses call the shots,” pointing to the forthcoming centenary of the Russian Revolution as an example of a different society.