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Monday 30th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

She receives ovation after hailing ‘pivotal moment in history’

WE are at a “pivotal moment” in history now that Labour is ready and able to win the next general election, Diane Abbott told Labour Assembly Against Austerity (LAAA) activists at the weekend.

The shadow home secretary received a standing ovation at a rally closing the LAAA annual conference on Saturday and national organiser Matt Wilgress hailed her as “one of the most remarkable people” he knows.

Ms Abbott told those gathered that, despite the Tories managing to cling to power following June’s snap election, Britain is now closer to having a Labour prime minister.

The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP continued: “I’ve never seen the Tories looking so weak in Parliament.
“They are dependent on an increasingly unstable coalition with the DUP.
“The Cabinet is split down the middle on Brexit and once the negotiations are over — and they are making a mess of them — Theresa May will go.”

Ms Abbott added that people across the world are looking to Britain and hoping for a Labour victory.

She warned of a rise in the scapegoating of immigrants for the problems caused by greedy bosses and Tory government policies.

“It is not immigrants who drive down wages, it is predatory employers who have been allowed to get away with it due to the erosion of trade union rights,” Ms Abbott stressed.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, in a video message sent to the conference, said he was proud to be a founding member of LAAA.

He said the Labour Party had grown in size to over one million members because the country has embraced the anti-austerity policies put forward in its manifesto.

“We are the political mainstream … We need to build towards the next general election,” he added.

Shadow emergency services minister Chris Williamson told the conference that the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed an estimated 80 residents and displaced hundreds, had been “the direct consequence of 40 years of neoliberalism” and cutting corners on health and safety.
“It is a scandal that should not have happened,” he insisted.

Mr Williamson called ending austerity “not only a moral imperative, but an economic imperative.”
He added: “Common-sense socialism keeps hope alive. The future belongs to us. We can win the general election, but, more importantly, we can change the course of history.”