13 Days Remaining
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Thursday 5th
posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

October 19 will see 48 hours' strike action for pensions justice

Over 100,000 postal delivery and sorting office workers will stage a 48-hour walkout in less than two weeks’ time, their union announced today.

Following a whopping 89 per cent vote in favour of industrial action, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced that strike action would start on October 19.

Bosses reacted by threatening legal action.

Royal Mail workers are up in arms at changes to their pensions from the current defined-benefit scheme. They are also seeking to protect terms and conditions and hope to win a shorter working week.

CWU deputy general secretary (postal) Terry Pullinger said: “It is highly disappointing that, after 18 months of negotiations including external mediation, we have reached this point.

“Royal Mail Group management have clearly moved away from the spirit and intent of our agreements and the empty promises of privatisation, and have suffered a huge vote of no confidence from their employees and CWU members as a consequence.

“People are extremely angry and will now express that by overwhelmingly supporting this strike action in order to shift Royal Mail Group from their entrenched position.”

It will be the first national strike by Royal Mail workers since the service was privatised in 2013.

CWU general secretary Dave Ward added: “As well as this call to action, the CWU will now launch a major campaign to gain public and political support for postal workers.

“This is your service. We must work together to save it.”

As the Star went to press last night, Royal Mail announced that it would use all legal options at its disposal to prevent industrial action, including applying to the High Court for an injunction.