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Thursday 13th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

Thornberry tears into Green over Brexit bumbling

MINISTERS are “making it up as they go along” when it comes to Brexit by refusing to tell the public how leaving the EU without a deal would affect Britain, the shadow foreign secretary stormed yesterday.

Emily Thornberry gave the Cabinet a thorough dressing down over its plans for leaving the EU by questioning how Brexit Secretary David Davis could possibly work with others to carry out negotiations if he is “fighting himself.”

The Tories have “absolutely got to get a grip” instead of threatening to walk away from negotiations in Brussels before talks had even begun, she told the Commons during yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Ms Thornberry was standing in for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who did not attend because Theresa May — sucking up to Spanish royals — was absent. She was substituted by First Secretary of State Damian Green.

The Labour frontbencher also mocked the PM by saying that she was so “bereft of ideas” that she was “putting suggestion boxes around Parliament.”

This refers to Ms May’s supposed plea for help to shape policies related to Brexit, workers’ rights and industrial strategy.

On Tuesday, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that there was no way to prepare for a scenario in which Britain left the EU without an agreement.

Ms Thornberry accused the Foreign Secretary of “making it up as he’s going along.”

She added: “We’ve got a Brexit secretary so used to overruling his colleagues that he’s started overruling himself … but as a country we have got 20 months to go until Brexit.

“We have absolutely got to get a grip. If the party opposite hasn’t got the strength for the task, we’ve absolutely got to get rid of them.”

Ms Thornberry also likened disgraced Tory MP Anne Marie Morris to former BNP leader Nick Griffin after she was suspended from the parliamentary party this week for describing the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal as “the real nigger in the woodpile.”

After being questioned repeatedly over the possibility of striking no deal, Mr Green said it is conceivable that Britain would be offered a “punishment deal” and claimed that this would be worse than no deal at all.