13 Days Remaining

Wednesday 2nd
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

“APPALLED” Muslim human rights activists slammed a London primary school yesterday for forcing an “Orwellian” anti-radicalisation questionnaire on kids as young as nine.

Bungling Greenleaf Primary School came under fire on Monday for revealing the names of seven pupils “feared” to be at risk of radicalisation in correspondence with Waltham Forest Council released after a parent’s freedom of information request.

And the Islamic Human Rights Council (IHCR) accused the school yesterday of “backtracking” on a promise that it would not force children to take the survey, part of the government’s Prevent scheme.

Buxton Primary School, in the same north-east London borough, sparked a public outcry in May with a similar questionnaire asking pupils if they agreed “it is better to be a dead hero than live impassively” or whether “if a student was making fun of my race or religion I would try to make them stop even if it meant hurting them.”

Year 5 and 6 pupils would be required to pick three categories that they identify with from British, Muslim, student, artist, athlete, Christian and young.

Following the uproar the local authority said it would “not be taking part in this method of evaluation now or in the future.”

But IHCR said Greenleaf’s actions confirmed that “the Prevent programme is in fact a cradle-to-grave social-engineering exercise designed to strip Muslims of their religious identity.”

The names of the seven children were revealed to parent Haras Ahmed who made an FoI request to find out if certain children had been targeted.

The scheme has “been a disaster from start to finish,” Mr Ahmed told the BBC.

IHCR said that the “highly disturbing Islamophobic” questionnaire was “trying to peek into the minds of mainly Muslim children for signs of extremism.”

Chair Massoud Shadjareh said: “This episode destroys the little confidence the Muslim community retains in this country’s institutions to safeguard their civil liberties and protect their children.”

Waltham Forest Council claimed the FoI response had been “manipulated by a third party to reveal the blocked-out names” and said it was launching an investigation.