13 Days Remaining

Monday 12th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

EMBITTERED Tories warned Theresa May yesterday that she will never get the chance to lead the party into another general election after she gambled on calling a snap election to win a thumping mandate for her nebulous Brexit plans, only to lose the Conservative Commons majority.

Editor of the London Evening Standard George Osborne, sacked as chancellor by Ms May last year, said she was a “dead woman walking” and could be ousted in a matter of days.

With Thursday’s vote resulting in a hung parliament, the desperate Prime Minister is pinning her hopes of clinging on to power via a voting pact with the Northern Irish terror-linked Democratic Unionist Party.

“It is just [a question of] how long she is going to remain on death row,” Mr Osborne said on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show.
“I think we will know very shortly. We could easily get to the middle of next week and it all collapses for her.”

Former education minister Nicky Morgan, also sacked by Ms May, offered her no solace. On ITV’s Peston on Sunday she foresaw a leadership challenge during Parliament’s summer recess.

And former business minister Anna Soubry said on Sky News’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday that Ms May’s position was untenable — but cautioned against a rush to replace her.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, one of the first ministers whose job was confirmed by Ms May, defended her position and welcomed the resignation of her chiefs-of-staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, a move demanded by Tory MPs as the scale of their loss became apparent.

Former director of communications for No 10 Katie Perrior revealed that Ms May’s confidantes had created a “toxic” and “pretty dysfunctional” environment in Downing Street and put forward “batshit crazy” ideas.

Asked if they bullied Cabinet ministers, Ms Perrior told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think so. I think there was not enough respect shown to people that had spent 20 years in office.

“I felt sending people rude text messages was unacceptable.
“I felt what the Prime Minister needs when you’re going through a tough time like negotiating Brexit is diplomats, not street-fighters.
“They really only know one way to operate: that’s to have enemies — and I’m sure I’m one of those this morning.”