10 Days Remaining

Monday 22nd
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Lamiat Sabin
BREXIT campaigner Iain Duncan Smith yesterday urged Prime Minister Theresa May to get on with beginning formal negotiations for Britain to leave the European Union “as soon as possible.”
The Work and Pensions secretary accused Remain supporters of trying to delay triggering Article 50 in the hope of the process being put off indefinitely.
Ms May claimed that she would not invoke Article 50 — which starts the two-year formal leaving negotiations — until next year. This means Brexit could be put off until late 2019.
Mr Duncan Smith also insisted there was a “strong case” in economic terms for Britain leaving.
He spoke out ahead of a summit today in Italy held by French President Francois Hollande, Italian PM Matteo Renzi and German chancellor Angela Merkel.
They will discuss the EU’s approach to Brexit, and next month politicians from all 27 EU countries will meet without British representatives in Slovakia for more talks.
Mr Duncan Smith added that the PM must start Brexit “early” next year rather than wait until elections in Germany and France as suggested by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan— otherwise it would be at risk of becoming a “neverendum.”
This comes days after Remain supporters have crowd-funded more than half of a £50,000 target to pay for lawyers to claim that Ms May will need Parliament’s backing before triggering Article 50.
Ministers must not try to negotiate “EU-lite” agreements that would see Britain subject to EU law, because it would be ignoring the millions of citizens who voted Leave, Mr Duncan Smith added.