11 Days Remaining

Wednesday 23rd
posted by Morning Star in World

SYRIAN government troops launched what they termed their final assault yesterday to cut off the last Isis supply line to the region north of Sukhna in Homs province.

Soldiers stormed the Al-Dahk mountains in the northern countryside of Sukhna, sparking fierce clashes with Isis terrorists there.

Army control of the Al-Dakh mountains will effectively divide the beleaguered Isis fighters from their most important supply route to this imperative region.

Government forces and their paramilitary allies have, over the last couple of days, achieved a number of strategic territorial advances in eastern Homs.

They have liberated the strategic crossroad town of al-Taybeh and come to within 12 miles of forward units in Sukhna.

In the far south-east of Homs, the army and pro-government paramilitaries are consolidating their positions after having finally liberated, after many weeks of back and forth fighting, the town of Hamimah (also called Humaymah) near the provincial border with Deir Ezzor.

Government forces launched a surprise attack against Isis militants in the east Hama pocket on Monday night, taking control of al-Mahsah hilltop which overlooks Isis-held Aqirbat.

Joint Syrian army and Hezbollah operations on the Syria-Lebanon border have reduced by virtually half the territory held by Isis in the western Qalamoun region, while the Lebanese Army has also advanced against Isis on its side of the border.