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Monday 27th
posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

Teachers and parents warn of rise in racism since referendum

TRADE UNIONISTS have demanded a fightback against the racist abuse which has soared since Britain voted to leave the European Union.

The delegates attending the annual North West TUC conference on Saturday also called for the protection of rights of EU citizens living and working in Britain.

And they were shocked to hear from one delegate who said that her 10-year-old son had showed her a swastika he had made while playing.

Conference was debating a motion from teachers’ union NASUWT on the need to promote diversity and tolerance in schools and to protect EU citizens’ rights.

NASUWT delegate and teacher Beverley Robinson said that racist abuse had increased since the Brexit vote — for example a French teacher at her school had suffered abuse from children.

“We have had parents who have refused to allow their children to go on a school trip to a museum about slavery, and on a visit to a mosque,” Ms Robinson said.

“Comments from children have included; ‘You should be in Auschwitz,’ and one child saying: ‘If I was a Jew I would kill myself.’

“These come from children. But most shocking is the failure of management to do anything about it.”

Suzanna Kervin, a delegate from the Ucatt construction section of Unite, shocked conference when she told them her 10-year-old son Callum had made a swastika out of his Lego blocks.

“I told him I did not think he should be using that symbol. I asked him where it had come from and he said all the children in his school were doing it and talking about it. I don’t know how it has got in to schools.

“Then there was something about ‘ban the burka’ on social media. He had pressed the ‘like’ button. I think there’s brainwashing going on on social media. Children see this. These things are being circulated.”

Conference gave unanimous support to the motion calling for protection of rights of non-British EU citizens living in Britain