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Saturday 21st
posted by Morning Star in Arts

Dasha Rush + LCC, Milton Court, Barbican, London


PROMISING “an immersive journey into unimaginable sonic and visual landscapes,” this all-female line-up of electronic artists produce an impressive showcase of their latest audiovisual projects at the Barbican’s more intimate Milton Court venue.

It’s the brainchild of curator Estela Oliva, who introduces tonight’s show as part of her Clon project blending the physical with the virtual.

Support act Las CasiCasiotone (LCC) are Spanish duo Ana Quiroga and Uge Paneda, making their British debut after impressing at Barcelona’s celebrated electronic music festival Sonar.

They perform their second album Bastet, named after the Egyptian goddess linked to female empowerment, and it’s a compelling audiovisual feast with film-maker Pedro Maia collaborating on the visuals.

The abstract images combine with the relentless march of the music that flits somewhere between ambient and minimal techno, with occasional nods to the echoey dub of Manc DJ Andy Stott. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from these two.

More exciting still is the anticipation of what Russian-born, Berlin-based techno DJ Dasha Rush has up her sleeve. Prone to (Detroit techno legend) Jeff Mills-esque experimental projects, while still being able to draw crowds at clubs with her incredible mixes, Dasha is one of the most versatile of electronic artists.

Tonight she presents Antarctic Takt, developed with visual artist Stanislav Glazov, which promises to evoke the landscape of the southern continent and it doesn’t disappoint.

Typically, for a techno DJ at least and unlike LCC, she performs hidden at the back of the audience, presumably to encourage viewers to be fully engrossed in what are phenomenal audiovisuals.

Crisp CGIs go from crystalline snowflake to the otherworldly landscape of Antarctica — we may as well be viewing another planet — and they complement Rush’s ambient soundscapes that resonate throughout the space..

A truly cutting-edge work. A shame, though, that it’s all over too quickly.

Will Stone