20 Days Remaining

Saturday 29th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

UKIP is on the verge of blocking a would-be parliamentary candidate over her fierce xenophobic views that even the party leader claimed yesterday made him feel “a bit uncomfortable.”

Anne Marie Waters, who is due to contest the south London seat of Lewisham East on June 8, has made comments that go “way above and beyond” party policy, Paul Nuttall said.

The multicultural constituency has been represented by Labour MP Heidi Alexander since 2010.

Ukip national executive committee were due to make a decision last night on whether to allow Ms Waters to stand or not.

In a campaign video, Ms Waters said that “people are concerned that their children are at risk of rape and sexual abuse” and that their “culture is being sacrificed.”

Mr Nuttall told BBC Radio 4: “She is not standing. She has been selected by the local branch … We will be looking at some of the things this woman has said and we will take a decision then.

“I think maybe some of the things that Anne Marie Waters has said have gone way above and beyond party policy,” he added.

“I have seen some of the things that she has said, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable.”

The Ukip leader has faced backlash over proposals to outlaw the full-face veil worn by some Muslim women, as well as banning sharia law, and forcing girls at risk of the cultural practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) to undergo regular physical examinations.

Stand Up To Racism activists protested at Ukip’s general election launch yesterday morning.

Naima Omar — a student from south London, who was forced out of the room for speaking out at the protest — said: “Ukip wants to scapegoat Muslims for the real problems in society.

“They don’t want people to look at the real issues in the general election.”

“How dare Ukip tell Muslim women what to wear, and to threaten us?”

Stand Up To Racism co-convener Weyman Bennett, who was on the protest, added that the party could not be allowed to get away with making these statements and policies without a backlash.

He added: “We have launched a campaign to keep racism out of the election— wherever it comes from.

“Ukip is a racist party and we will continue to campaign against it.”