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Thursday 30th
posted by Morning Star in Sport

GREAT BRITAIN’S four-man bobsleigh pilot John Jackson admitted he “cried for five minutes” after learning yesterday that he and his teammates are set to land retrospective Winter Olympic bronze medals.

Jackson, along with Joel Fearon, Stuart Benson and Bruce Tasker, finished fifth at Sochi 2014 but the disqualification of two Russian crews who finished above them means that pending appeal the British team will be upgraded to third place.

The International Olympic Committee announced on Tuesday that it had disqualified three members of the fourth-placed Russian crew, led by Alexander Kasjanov, as a result of the findings of the Oswald Commission hearings into state-sponsored doping during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

The move follows the stripping of Alexander Zubkov’s gold medal-winning sled in similar circumstances last week, and means that Great Britain is set to take a fifth medal from Sochi, making it the most successful Winter Games in GB history.

Jackson said: “I’ve just sat down and cried for the last five minutes — that’s how emotional it feels.

“I thought I’d got my head round it — that we missed out and we can’t go back — but it’s just hit me how hard we worked and how much we put into the season to achieve that goal.”

Jackson, a former Royal Marines commando who steered his team to within 0.11 of the podium in Sochi, retired after the Games, but teammates Tasker and Fearon are both still part of the current squad hoping to win more medals in Pyeongchang next year.