9 Days Remaining

Wednesday 31st
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

A VIDEO by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) highlighting the disastrous effects of Tory cuts has “gone viral” on social media, reaching 3.2 million people in just three days.

The School Cuts film, released at the weekend, reveals that “one school is about to lose £1.5 million” as part of planned Tory education cuts.

It exposes that, despite Tory claims to be protecting school budgets, there have been a shocking £2.5 billion in cuts since 2015.

Government plans will see £8.9bn cut from the education budget by 2022, with each child in the worst-hit school losing £2,350 per year.

Less money will mean more overcrowded classes and cuts to subjects such as arts, sports and music, with 18,329 schools facing further funding cuts, the film warns.

The NUT warns that 100 schools face budget cuts of £1 million or more.

A spokeswoman for the School Cuts film said: “In this election every candidate has a choice.

“They can choose to oppose school cuts or compromise on children’s education.”

NUT general secretary Kevin Courtney said: “It’s been an incredible 72 hours. Our new School Cuts video has taken off on Facebook, reaching over 3.2 million parents and teachers across the country in just three days.

“But we can’t stop there — we need millions more to learn about the government’s school cuts this election, and what this means for their schools and children.

“We now know that the government wants to cut £8.9bn more in school funding by 2022. Under these plans, over 18,000 schools will face cuts.

“It’s up to us to pressure each local candidate to oppose school cuts. Ask them to pledge at