8 Days Remaining

Friday 6th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

PRIME minister Theresa May was urged yesterday to call an urgent cross-party review into “threadbare” health and social care systems by the chairs of three influential Commons committees.

A letter signed by health committee chairwoman Sarah Wollaston MP, public accounts committee chairwoman Meg Hillier and local government committee chairman Clive Betts said Ms May must instigate a review with agreement on a way forward from those involved to be reflected in the next budget.

It reads: “We believe that can best be achieved if there is cross-party consensus, and therefore urge you to invite all parties to become involved in a review, which should begin as soon as possible … this immense challenge will face whichever party is in government over the coming decades.”

King’s Fund chief executive Chris Ham welcomed the suggestion, pointing to a £2.4 billion funding gap in social care which has left services “threadbare.” Local Government Association spokeswoman Izzi Secombe said it was “absolutely vital” that council leaders were included in any review.

But People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn warned that a review will not go far enough and that the Conservatives must reverse any damage done by cuts to health and social care.

He said: “Theresa May should be held accountable for a crisis in the NHS and social care that is entirely of the Tories’ own making. They couldn’t care less about the NHS.”

“That is why we are calling for the biggest NHS demonstration possible in London on March 4.”

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