10 Days Remaining

Wednesday 18th
posted by Will Stone in Britain

A WAVE of national strikes “never witnessed before” was threatened by Unison leader Dave Prentis yesterday as public-sector workers join forces in the fight against austerity.

Mr Prentis revealed that he has held talks on co-ordinated strike action later this year with fellow public-sector unions Unite and GMB as well as those representing civil servants, teachers, firefighters and probation staff.

“The aim is to make it an autumn for this coalition to remember, a wave of action never witnessed before, an autumn with plans afoot to ballot our health members, our police staff, our Food Standards Agency staff,” he said.

“An autumn where we make a stand. This far, no further. Our nation needs you to be there. We need you to make it happen.”

The union leader already predicts a Yes turnout for almost half a million local government workers when the result of their ballot for strike action on July 10 alongside other unions is revealed next week.

But he also hinted that further walkouts could be launched in mid-September and later, predicting them to be “bigger than the poll tax demonstrations” or the general strike of 1926, which saw over 1.7 million workers taking action.

Mr Prentis told the Star that people are angry Britain has become “two nations” with bankers and their huge bonuses on one side and everyone else facing a cost of living crisis on the other.

“That’s not rhetoric,” he said. “That’s a fact.”