7 Days Remaining

Saturday 4th
posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

INFORMATION technology giant HP will face the wrath of Palestine solidarity activists today when over 20 protests take place across the country against the corporation’s digital profiling of Palestinians in Israel.

Among the programmes that the company formerly known as Hewlett Packard has been helping the Israeli military develop is a biometric identification system that differentiates between Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

The company is also responsible for the systems installed at Israeli checkpoints across the West Bank.

When confronted on these matters in 2014, HP claimed that its work “reduced friction between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers at barrier checkpoints while expediting the passage process.”

Palestine Solidarity Campaign supporters will protest against the firm at electronic goods stores including Birmingham’s Currys PC World, the Argos store in Enfield, north London, and Cardiff’s John Lewis branch.

The campaign’s interim director Sara Apps said: “Yet again, Palestine campaigners are showing we will hold companies to account for their violations against human rights — they will find that their sins come back to haunt them.

“We’d advise all companies to adopt ethical and human rights policies and stick to them.

“Our campaigns expose companies complicit in Israel’s violations and colonisation, and pressure them to end their relationships with Israel’s occupation.”

The denial of Palestinians’ freedom of movement by the Israeli military has been condemned by campaigners and politicians as a violation of international law.

HP has also been criticised by Palestinian activists for employing colonists from the Beithar Illit settlement near Jerusalem.

It also provides services to two of the largest settlements in the West Bank — Modi’in Illit and Ariel.