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Monday 28th
posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

Corbyn finishes Scotland tour with a pledge that Labour in power will have zero tolerance for hate

JEREMY CORBYN vowed yesterday to “fight for a society free from racism and discrimination” with zero tolerance of hate.

On the last leg of his five-day tour of marginal Scottish seats, he said that a Labour government would immediately guarantee the rights of all EU citizens living in Britain and would honour the country’s international and moral obligations by committing itself to take in a fair share of refugees.

The Labour leader met with supporters in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, before he attended the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and went on to speak at the Rock Against Racism festival in Glasgow.

“Instead of causing such harm, we need a government that will fight for a society free from racism and discrimination, where people are free to live their lives,” he said.

“We will immediately guarantee the rights of all EU nationals living in the UK. People are not bargaining chips.

“It is disgraceful that the Conservative government treated them this way – and sent letters threatening to deport some of them.”

The Home Office said earlier this week that the letters had been issued in error to some EU citizens, whose rights remained unchanged.

Mr Corbyn continued: “The world faces an almost unprecedented refugee crisis. Britain has a proud tradition as a place of safety for those forced to flee their homes by war, famine or disaster.

“The next Labour government will be proud to honour our international legal obligations – and our moral duty – to offer safety to our fair share of refugees.”

He added: “Hate crime is a shocking reality facing many in our country. We should be appalled by it and its rise since the EU referendum.

“Labour would adopt a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime, including that motivated by religion, race, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Mr Corbyn pointed out that Tory cuts and austerity had disproportionately hurt the poorest, the young, women, LGBT people and black and other ethnic minority groups.

The Labour leader, whose tour of constituencies narrowly held by the SNP was part of a summer-long campaign blitz of marginal seats across Britain, told party supporters that Labour was ready for another general election and determined to win.

At a pensioners’ tea party in Kirkcaldy, he promised that a Labour government would protect their free bus passes, winter fuel allowance and the so-called triple lock guaranteeing that the state pension rises by 2.5 per cent, the rate of inflation or average earnings growth, whichever is highest.

Mr Corbyn said: “People who have spent their lives paying into the system deserve something back.”