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Wednesday 14th
posted by Morning Star in World

RUSSIA: President Vladimir Putin will not travel to a ceremony in Poland marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp because he was not invited, the Kremlin said yesterday.

Ceremony organisers  the Auschwitz Museum and the International Auschwitz Council claimed there had been no specific invitations.

The situation is particularly awkward since the nazi death camp was liberated by Soviet troops and many of its victims were Soviet citizens.


MEXICO: The wife of Iguala mayor Jose Luis Abarca, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, who is suspected of helping to plot the massacre of 43 trainee teachers in September, will be tried for engaging in organised crime, the federal court authority said on Monday.

It said that Ms Pineda had been working with drug gang Guerreros Unidos since at least 2005 and accused her of engaging in drug trafficking and managing illicit funds.


UKRAINE: Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France said yesterday that they had decided against holding a summit on Thursday on the Ukrainian conflict.

The failure to implement the truce and the need to agree on how to deliver aid and free prisoners, meant “further work needs to be done” before a summit is held.

The Russian, German and French leaders had been invited to talks by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.


EGYPT: The Interior Ministry said yesterday that ousted president Hosni Mubarak would remain in detention for the time being despite a high court decision overturning the last remaining criminal conviction against him.

The ministry said that while the high court had ordered a retrial in the embezzlement case, it did not order the release of Mr Mubarak or his two sons, who face the same charges.


MOZAMBIQUE: Three more people have died from drinking contaminated beer over the weekend, health authorities have said, bringing the death toll to 72.

Provincial Health, Women and Social Welfare Director Paula Bernardo told Radio Mozambique yesterday that the number of people hospitalised had decreased to 35 from 196.

Officials on Sunday said they believed the beer was poisoned with crocodile bile at a funeral in the north-eastern Tete province.


INDIA: A bad batch of bootleg alcohol killed at least 28 people and sent 160 others to hospitals in the state of Uttar Pradesh, officials said yesterday.

Many of the victims had gathered to watch a cricket match on Sunday evening in a village about 20 miles south-west of Lucknow.

Lucknow doctors said that some of those hospitalised were in serious condition and were breathing with respirators. Some had lost their eyesight.


UNITED STATES: Muslim residents of New Jersey went to court yesterday to try to reverse a ruling that gave New York police the right to monitor their activities.

The plaintiffs include a US soldier, a school head teacher and several Rutgers University students. 

They believe the ruling by US District Judge William Martini violates their civil rights.