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Friday 16th
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Vienna and Berlin slam US sanctions

RUSSIA: Austria and Germany issued a joint condemnation of new US sanctions on Moscow yesterday.
Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern and German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said sanctions passed by the US Senate on Wednesday, targeting businesses which deal with key sectors of Russia’s economy, were “illegal and extraterritorial,” since they would punish European firms who pipe Russian natural gas to Europe.

Al-Shabab kills 31 in pizzeria raid

SOMALIA: The al-Shabab terror group killed at least 31 people in a night-long occupation of a pizzeria in Mogadishu that ended yesterday morning.
A car bomb went off at the restaurant gates before five of the extremists, disguised as security officials, herded people inside. Survivors told of hiding under tables and behind curtains as the five prowled around in the dark, killing everyone they found.
Troops soon had the site under siege and it was secured after dark.

Social Democrats to oust own PM

ROMANIA: The ruling Social Democratic Party decided yesterday it will force a no-confidence vote in its own government after Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu refused to resign despite losing his party’s backing.
Party chair Liviu Dragnea says the PM has not implemented the government’s programme, but Mr Grindeanu says the episode is a power-grab by Mr Dragnea and he’ll resign only if the president nominates a replacement.

Seven dead in nursery attack

CHINA: At least seven people died and 59 more were wounded in an explosion at a nursery school in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province.
The blast hit the nursery gates as parents arrived to pick up their children. The cause is unknown, but Islamist separatist groups from the Xinjiang region sometimes target civilians in terror attacks.