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Friday 5th
posted by Will Stone in Britain

Labour leader sets out wide-ranging radical vision for our country’s future

JEREMY CORBYN pledged to “rebuild Britain” yesterday by creating a million jobs and homes.

The Labour leader put full employment and housebuilding at the heart of his bid for re-election in a 10-point plan for the country.

Promising “a decent job for all,” Mr Corbyn said he would create one million “good-quality” new jobs through £500 billion of investment in infrastructure, manufacturing and new industries.

He said the funding would be backed by a publicly owned national investment bank and regional development banks.

And he pledged to build one million new homes in five years, including at least 500,000 council homes.

Also on the list were rent controls, secure tenancies and a charter of private tenants’ rights as well as increased access to affordable home ownership.

Mr Corbyn said his pledges were designed to ensure that “no-one — and no one part of the country — should be left behind.

“The prosperity that a few enjoy is not shared by the many, our economic model in Britain is broken.

“But there is immense potential in the skills and talents of our people and huge opportunities ahead of us in science, technology and culture.

“We could all be living richer lives in a sustainable, more prosperous and more caring society.

“For too long, too many communities in Britain have been neglected, too many people’s potential has been left untapped and their talents undeveloped.

“So we are going to invest in those communities and invest in our people.”

Mr Corbyn also pledged to ensure stronger employment rights from the first day of a new job, an end to zero-hours contracts, mandatory collective bargaining for companies with 250 or more workers and new employment and trade union rights.

He said he would end privatisation in the NHS and social care, and integrate the two.

And a new national education service would “deliver lifelong learning for all” and universal public childcare.

Mr Corbyn vowed to “put the public back into our economy and services” by renationalising the railways and expanding the publicly controlled bus network.

While a progressive tax system would ensure “that wealth and the highest earners are fairly taxed,” with action against “executive pay excess.”

His announcement preceded the first hustings of the leadership campaign, facing off against Owen Smith in Cardiff last night.

Builders’ union Ucatt acting general secretary Brian Rye said: “Jeremy Corbyn is creating a dynamic blueprint of a kinder, fairer Britain.

“This is clear evidence that a Jeremy Corybn-led country would get building.”

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Jez's Pledges

1. An economy that works for all
2. Secure homes for all
3. Security at work
4. Secure our NHS and social care
5. A free national education service
6. Action to secure our environment
7. Democracy in our economy
8. Cut income and wealth inequality
9. Act to end prejudice and injustice
10. Peace and justice abroad