20 Days Remaining

Monday 7th
posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

Parents and children take to streets to save their homes

CAMPAIGNING was all child’s play at the weekend as families from across London demonstrated against Tory plans to end social housing.

Children as young as three, one holding a placard reading: “Stop making my mum cry,” joined a Mother’s Day protest against the Tory Housing Bill.

Lambeth Housing Activists spokesman Bill Perry said: “When people want more security and controlled rents what this government tries to do is force millions into the private renting sector.

“It wants to create a landlord economy but it doesn’t want small landlords anymore, it wants big landlords, it wants companies leading the private landlord sector.”

If passed, the Housing Bill would scrap secure tenancies, limiting renting contracts to five years and stopping tenants’ children from moving in.

It would also see council estates in need of repair labelled as “brownfield sites,” resulting in thousands of families having to relocate as property developers buy up the land and demolish their homes.

“This is a fight about the future of housing in this country,” added Mr Perry.

The Housing Bill is expected to be discussed tomorrow in the House of Lords where it is currently being assessed by the respective committee.

What demonstrators were saying:

"I’m really worried, if the situation gets worse, what can we do? Where else can we go? We already live in Croydon which is one of the lowest rent boroughs in the capital. It just doesn’t make any sense. The way the economy is, is designed to punish working families especially. If you ain’t rich, it’s your own fault. You are constantly being punished for not being rich." - Laurie Underwood, father of three

I’m here to fight against the crisis of housing. I live in Angell Town [estate in Brixton]. A lot of old people have been kicked out. I feel scared sometimes because it feels like they are going to make us move out of our house. - Jamal, 11 years old

Thinking of your children growing up and having children of their own should be something that is really exciting and that you look forward to in life. But for me I am absolutely terrified. I am terrified for my daughter’s future and her children’s future because the way things are going for working-class people, we are going to be living either in slums or all on the street. - Jasmin Stone, Focus E15