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Saturday 27th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

But Mail keeps Islamophobe’s column going

by Felicity Collier

RADIO station LBC succumbed to pressure yesterday and sacked Islamophobic columnist Katie Hopkins over her tweets following the Manchester bomb attack.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the broadcaster announced that her departure would be “effective immediately.”

The decision came following a public uproar over the hateful right-wing columnist’s tweet: “We need a final solution” — an apparent reference to the nazis’ plan for murdering Jewish people during WWII.

Complaints were filed to the police about Ms Hopkins’s tweet after the bomb attack at a concert in Manchester Arena on Monday night, which killed 22 people and injured more than 100.

She later said she stood by her words, but claimed the use of “final” was a typo and edited it to “true” in a new tweet.

Responding to her sacking, journalist Owen Jones called it “a victory against hatred.”

But Ms Hopkins remains a columnist for the Daily Mail.

On the same day she was sacked, she advertised that her next move with the paper would be a “column on Corbyn, exchanging dead kids for the terrorist sympathising vote block, posting here soon.”

She was referring to the Labour leader’s speech which connected acts of terrorism to the failed “war on terrorism” following invasions and conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

Mr Jones tweeted: “Jeremy Corbyn’s speech was a patriotic speech about defending this country from those who want to maim, kill and terrorise.”

Weyman Bennett from campaign group Stand Up To Racism told the Star: “Hopkins deserves to be sacked because of her racist, sexist, Islamaphobic remarks. It’s good news for all anti-racists and trade unionists.”

He highlighted Ms Hopkins’s words in the Sun newspaper from 2015 when she compared child asylum seekers in the Mediterranean with “cockroaches.”

Mr Bennett continued: “That’s why she doesn’t belong in any decent society — nor to comment on anyone else.”

The Independent newspaper condemned her column and asked: “Katie Hopkins has just written a piece so hateful that it might give Hitler pause — why was it published?

“We can unfollow her, and avoid what she writes and says. But when a national newspaper, which gives this brand an audience of two million people, happily prints language that might give Hitler pause, is that still OK? Or is it worth responding this time, even if she’ll love every minute?”

The Metropolitan Police said that they were still investigating the complaints.