11 Days Remaining

Monday 22nd
posted by Morning Star in World

by Paul Dobson
in Caracas

CARACAS has announced measures to help end a shortage of spare parts for buses and taxis which it blamed on the “economic war” against Venezuela.

Following localised transport strikes, the government unveiled a series of measures last week to address the situation under the banner of its “transport mission.”

It also denounced the opposition for looking to “generate chaos in the sector.”

Among the measures was a £220 million budget to guarantee the local production or import of necessary parts for the next six months.

Transport Minister Haiman el Troudi explained that the government was “advancing” in discussions with “Venezuelan part-producing companies” to satisfy the national market.

He also announced £114m of investment in “prime materials from China” to strengthen production, as well as the construction of a battery factory.

“Venezuela produces batteries from just one firm which supplies only 60 per cent of the market,” he said.

“This new factory will cover the rest of the unsatisfied demand.”

National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello accused opposition parties during his weekly television programme on Friday of planning to disrupt national holidays and the internal elections of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

He accused Justice First assembly member Maria Corina Machado of conspiring with retired military officers to incite a repeat of last year’s violent protests, which left 43 people dead.

Ms Machado’s “vote-monitoring organisation” Sumate has received funds from the US National Endowment for Democracy.