12 Days Remaining

Monday 19th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

JEREMY CORBYN has put class politics back into the heart of the political and policy debate thanks to Labour’s general election campaign, communists say.

Communist Party chair Liz Payne praised the Labour leader for fronting a campaign that achieved a “qualitative change” in Britain’s political landscape.

She told the party’s executive at the weekend that Mr Corbyn had led a “massive mobilisation of young and old, workers and the retired, women and men and people from all ethnic backgrounds” across all of Britain.

However, Ms Payne also urged socialists and communists to keep the achievements in perspective.

“Labour’s progressive manifesto was not a programme for the transition to socialism, despite its left-wing policies for massive public-sector investment, public ownership and progressive taxation on the rich and big business,” she noted.

“But the party remains committed to Nato and nuclear weapons of mass destruction.”

The CP warned that right-wing elements in the Parliamentary Labour Party are regrouping after the rejection of their divisive antics.

Therefore the CP executive called for the “mass mobilisations and popular and industrial action” that laid the basis for Mr Corbyn’s leadership election victories and Labour’s general election advance to continue and escalate.

In particular, it urged support for the People’s Assembly national demonstration on July 1 and for united joint action by unions at national and local levels against the public-sector pay freeze.

“It’s now vital to put the maximum pressure on this minority Tory government and its alliance with one of the most reactionary sectarian parties in Europe, namely, the DUP in Northern Ireland.” Ms Payne added.