9 Days Remaining

Sunday 1st
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

THE Tories have broken four in 10 manifesto pledges since the general election, new research by Labour revealed before the Conservative Party conference kicked-off yesterday.

Out of around 450 commitments made in the manifesto, a total of 181 have been scrapped or shelved, according to a document titled The Tories have no plan.

Theresa May's government has made huge U-turns on the dementia tax, reintroducing grammar schools, lifting the fox hunting ban, cutting pensioners' winter fuel payments and scrapping universal free lunches for infants in primary schools.

Shadow cabinet office minister Jon Trickett said: “Having lost their majority, the Tories’ disastrous manifesto, and with it any vision or plan for a better Britain, now lies in shreds.

“They dropped their flagship policies in the face of public criticism and continued pressure from Labour, and now we can see that they’ve shelved vast swathes of the rest of their commitments.
“The Tories have no plan and are failing the many."

Former Tory minister Sir Eric Pickles yesterday recommended – in one of 126 ideas in a report he has submitted – that a manifesto committee is set up to write up a manifesto within 12 months of the last election to avoid another campaign disaster.

This relates to claims that Ms May did not consult Cabinet colleagues over the unpopular pledges.

His report was revealed as senior Tory backbencher Nigel Evans told Sky News: "We really did pay a very heavy price for that stupidity ... We attacked the young and we attacked the old. There was hardly anybody left that we didn't attack."

Mr Pickles also called for a "vibrant youth wing" to rival the support received by Labour.

He said Labour's share of the vote was boosted by a "united left" that provided co-ordinated and enthusiastic support for leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Former Tory co-chairman Grant Shapps suggested on ITV1's Peston on Sunday that it was a mistake this year not to have repeated the Road Trip system that he led in 2015 as part of the youth movement Conservative Future.

However, the Conservative youth wing was taken under direct control by the party in November 2015 after serious allegations were made against Mark Clarke, who established the battle bus campaign to travel to marginal seats.

Mr Clarke was then expelled from the party indefinitely over allegations that his behaviour had led to the suicide of a young activist. His alleged misconduct subsequently led to the resignation of Mr Shapps.