12 Days Remaining

Thursday 2nd
posted by James Tweedie in World

ISRAEL bombarded central Syria for the second time in two months on Wednesday night, hitting a warehouse in Homs province.

In a repeat of September’s attack on Hama province, Israeli jets violated Lebanese airspace to launch missiles into Syria.

A Lebanese security service source told Russia’s Sputnik news: “According to our information, Israeli aircraft carried out a missile strike on the territory of Syria from Lebanon’s airspace in the Beqaa area.”

Beqaa Valley province borders central Syria and was the scene of battles with invading Israeli forces in the 1980s.

Lebanon’s Al Masdar News said the attack hit a warehouse in the industrial town of Hisyah about 12 miles from the Lebanese border, setting off a large explosion.

Syrian air defence forces returned fire with surface-to-air missiles but missed the fleeing aircraft. There was no comment from Tel Aviv.

Israel has repeatedly bombed Syrian troops fighting al-Qaida-affiliated extremists in south-western Quneitra province, holding Damascus responsible for any fire that falls inside the occupied Golan Heights — allowing the rebels to call up Israeli air support at will.

Meanwhile, six Russian long-range bombers blitzed Isis ammunition dumps and command posts in the south-eastern town of Abu Kamal on the Iraqi border for the second day running.

And the Syrian army launched a new offensive against al-Qaida in south-west Aleppo province, retaking four villages within hours.

The High Negotiations Committee of Saudi-backed factions urged the UN to intervene after Russia announced peace talks in Sochi on November 18, 10 days before UN-mediated meetings in Geneva.

The groups said they would “not participate in any events held outside the umbrella of the United Nations,” accusing Moscow of “rehabilitating” the Syrian government.