6 Days Remaining
Rob A. Mackenzie

Thursday 21st
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The Governments
Rob A. Mackenzie

Who are the Governments? They sleep in the anuses
of snails and dream until horns snap like twigs.
They crack shells, make slugs. You must trust them.
Take a mop to the slime trails. Take a mop and map
democracy as uninterrupted, oceanic greyscale:
fertile ground for aspirant tyrants, wee gobshites
who want approval, who want to be as tall as trees
and fall on your new build, on your children’s children
like a biblical curse. You must praise them. You must
pin them to your walls. You thought things couldn’t
get worse? Well, think again. Then, unthink before
the governments stop unthinking of you. As long as
your thoughts are not their thoughts, they have much
work to do, there is slime to be flung in the name
of diversity. They shatter a heart and commemorate
the whole. They are most for you when against you,
when fracking the earth beneath your leather soles.
You must sing their songs. Your voice must be heard.
Who chose the muzak? It is the governments forming
global warming. It is the milking of domestic markets.
It is a lifeline skewered by a deadline. The governments
like to paralyse the hip clubs, the happening scenes,
and perch by God’s neck like parrots, or mosquitos.

Rob A. Mackenzie lives in Leith, Edinburgh. His second full collection was The Good News (Salt, 2013) and he is reviews editor for Magma Poetry magazine.

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