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Tuesday 8th
posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

A MUSLIM man was banned from travelling on a coach to London yesterday after a woman complained that she felt “uncomfortable” with his presence on the vehicle.

The man got off the 10.30am National Express service from Bristol to London after he was to asked to leave by a member of staff.

Fellow passengers were reportedly shocked by what happened and tried to argue with the driver over the reasons for the man’s evacuation.

Rebekah Makinde told the Bristol Post that a group of women at the front had fallen silent when the man boarded.

She said: “As soon as the man sat down, one of the women went to speak to the driver.

“Another member of staff then came on and asked the man to get off. He didn’t protest or anything, he just got off.

“What disgusted me the most was that someone actually thanked the woman after he left.

“I understand that drivers want their passengers to feel comfortable. But not if it stems from someone’s unfounded and Islamophobic beliefs and at the expense of another paying passenger. I am truly appalled.”

The incident comes after the Metropolitan Police reported a threefold increase in attacks on Muslims in London since the Paris terrorist massacre.

A Hope Not Hate spokesman told the Star that the incident on the coach was a “clear overreaction.

“This can be a danger when panic sets in and people begin to become suspicious of an entire ‘visible’ minority.

“It is understandable that some people have become nervous, following the events in Paris and on the Tube in east London. However, trying to ‘police’ someone because of their visual appearance is unlikely to stop terrorist acts.”

National Express categorically denied that the event had happened as described, saying the passenger was asked to leave because he had too much luggage.

A company spokesman added that the passenger had been “abusive towards our staff and walked out of the station though there were no eyewitness reports to support this allegation.