8 Days Remaining

Thursday 8th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

by Steve Sweeney
in Manchester

ACTIVISTS across Britain joined a No to Fracking! Save our Solar! protest at the Tory Party conference yesterday.

The rally, which was timed during Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech, was held as the Tory conference drew to a close.

They chanted: “David Cameron hear us say — fracking no way” as drums, whistles and sirens accompanied them in a noisy protest.

Friends of the Earth campaigner Aaron Kiely said it was an “incredible achievement” that anti-frackers have managed to keep the country “frack-free” for four years — despite government plans to fast-track its introduction.

“Fracking is dirty, dangerous and threatens our communities,” he told the crowd.

“We need climate jobs. The government has cut support for solar energy which has cost 20,000 jobs.

“This is clearly not the right thing. We need investment in green industry.”

Addressing the rally, Campaign Against Climate Change’s Martin Empson said that the Tories think that the free market will solve climate change “but what the free market really brings you is Volkswagen.

“We don’t want to be left to the mercy of the free market, we want state intervention, investment in green jobs and eco-friendly homes.”

He went on to stress the importance of keeping up the pressure and building a mass movement of ordinary people to be part of a European climate protest in Paris scheduled for November.