10 Days Remaining

Friday 3rd
posted by Morning Star in Britain

THE Tories are still in denial about how much money is needed to cut crime in England and Wales, Diane Abbott said yesterday.

Cuts outside the police force have piled extra work on officers who have to deal with more people suffering from mental health problems and other issues, the shadow home secretary told the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and National Police Chiefs Council partnership summit.

The day before, Home Secretary Amber Rudd had told the crime-fighting bigwigs that funding decisions should be based on “evidence, not assertion.”

She had also implored police and crime commissioners to tell residents how they will make them safer rather than write press releases asking for more funding.

Ms Abbott stormed: “It’s clear to me, sitting on my side of the chamber, that the Conservatives would appear to be in denial about the level of crime in England and Wales.

“They are in denial about the extent to which the funding that they, the government, have made available is falling short.

“They seem to be in denial about the effects of their cuts.”

Many criminals were “literally getting away scot-free” with crimes due to overstretched resources, according to Ms Abbott, who called for an end to austerity in community policing.

The Hackney North & Stoke Newington MP pledged that Labour would tackle a recent 13 per cent rise in crime by adding 10,000 officers to overall policing numbers and trying to keep police stations open that currently have a Tory axe hanging over them.