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Tuesday 17th
posted by Luke James in Britain

Cameron reveals attack has been thwarted this month

TORY plans to slash police budgets by a quarter are compromising efforts to prevent a terror attack in Britain, Labour warned yesterday.

And former Met Police commissioner Ian Blair backed Labour’s call to cancel the cut as David Cameron revealed that a terror plot in Britain has been thwarted in the last 20 days.

In a speech on October 28, MI5 chief Andrew Parker said spooks had identified and stopped six terror plots in the last year.

But Prime Minister David Cameron revealed the number of attempts foiled in the last 12 months has since risen to seven.

Speaking at a press conference during the G20 summit in Turkey, he said: “Seven is the correct number — obviously I can’t go into too much detail. It is seven plots that have been started in the previous months.”

The PM also announced additional money for 1,900 new spooks.

And Chancellor George Osborne is due to give a speech on cyber security during a visit to Britain’s GCHQ spy agency headquarters in Cheltenham today.

Ex-top cop Mr Blair said the government must protect the general police budget and blasted plans to axe police community support officers as a “disaster.”

His criticism comes just two days after current Met commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe warned the scale of planned cuts would compromise the police’s ability to deal with a terror threat.

Faced with losing between 5,000 and 8,000 front-line officers, he said: “I genuinely worry about the safety of London.”

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham raised their concerns over the cuts in an emergency debate on the Paris attacks in Parliament.

And shadow chancellor John McDonnell called for an “urgent review” of the policing budget to “protect policing services that clearly will be playing a vital role on the ground and in our communities in ensuring the safety of our people.”

He said Labour would accept the extra spending be excluded from Mr Osborne’s Charter for Budget Responsibility “in the spirit of goodwill.”

The government has already been forced to postpone its cut to policing budgets for at least a year after bungling its calculations.