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Wednesday 24th
posted by Morning Star in Features

BRITAIN’S media, like its politics, can be pale, male and stale at times — and sadly that’s often as true of the left as it is of the right.

The Morning Star has always tried to be the one that’s different — the newspaper that’s a voice for the voiceless. But even in our pages the voices, opinions and even pictures of men can tend to drown out us sisters.

As a socialist and a feminist, I don’t think that’s good enough.

In the years I’ve edited the features section, I’ve constantly been on the lookout to get more women reading, writing in and fighting for your paper and I’m proud to say we’ve made progress. No other national daily has a regular woman cartoonist, nor can any other claim such a range of strong women’s voices among its contributors.

Feminism as a cause is almost entirely ignored, or, as in the Guardian, either reduced to trivia or restricted to “sensationalist” click-bait.

This is a scandal when women are still the most oppressed and exploited people in our society. No newspaper that wants to change the world can hope to do so without us. 

That’s why I was so interested when feminist historian Louise Raw (whose article can be found on p13) suggested we run a Christmas special with a difference this year, one devoted to the women fighting for a better Britain today — and we’ve assembled a stellar cast of leading trade unionists, MPs, party leaders, writers, artists and poets in the following pages.

These are the women at the forefront of our movement and I know we’ll be hearing their voices loud and clear in 2015 as we step up the fight to beat the Tories and end austerity in the coming year.


Ros Sitwell is Morning Star features editor and acting assistant editor. If you have friends or relatives who might enjoy this edition, you can order back copies from William Rust House — write to Women’s Edition, 52 Beachy Road, London E3 2NS or phone (020) 8510-0815 or email