20 Days Remaining

Wednesday 29th
posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

THE number of newly built homes for social rent has plummeted by 98 per cent since the Tories moved into No 10 seven years ago, damning government statistics revealed yesterday.

Just 199 new government-funded homes for truly affordable rent were finished in April to September this year in England.

The figure was 10,597 in the same quarter of Labour’s last year in government in 2009-10.

Since the Tory-led coalition, the number of completed social rent homes has steadily declined, combined data from the Homes and Communities Agency and Greater London Authority shows.

The number of completions stands at 37,321 over the year from April 2010 to March 2011. The figure for 2016-17 is a paltry 1,102.

The number of building starts dropped sharply from 35,645 in 2010-11 to just 3,123 over the following 12 months.

In 2016-17, building began for only 944 homes. The figure for this year is not yet available, but the number for the last quarter is 294.

Shadow housing secretary John Healey said: “After seven years of Tory failure on housing, [street] homelessness has more than doubled, home-ownership has fallen to a 30-year low and the number of new genuinely affordable homes being built has fallen off a cliff.

“These shocking new figures show that in the six months before the Chancellor’s so-called ‘housing Budget’ the number of new government-