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Monday 29th
posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

Corbyn pledges more police, firefighters and prison officers

JEREMY CORBYN unveiled plans yesterday to recruit tens of thousands more front-line emergency and security workers in the wake of the Manchester terror attack and seven years of deep Tory cuts.

The Labour leader said people can’t be kept safe on the cheap.

“Ensuring the safety of our communities demands properly resourced action across many fronts,” he said.

Labour plans to hire 10,000 more police officers, 3,000 more firefighters, 3,000 more prison officers, 1,000 more security and intelligence staff and 500 more border guards.

Mr Corbyn said he would bring in laws requiring safe staffing levels in the NHS, including ambulance services, “in order to better ensure our collective safety.”

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said it was a “myth” that the Tories were the party of law and order.

She accused Prime Minister Theresa May of “breaking her pledge to protect police budgets” as under the Tories police numbers had been slashed by 20,000 and instances of serious and violent crime were up.

Ms Abbott said Labour will “rebuild the trust between communities and the police which has been eroded by a combination of police cuts and rising crime” and would review the Tories’ divisive Prevent “anti-extremism” programme.

She said “nobody disputes the need to engage communities in the fight against violent extremism” but warned that many experts, including David Anderson QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said that Muslim communities had felt spied on and targeted by Prevent.

To ensure civil liberties are protected, shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon said Labour would maintain the Human Rights Act and “strengthen judicial oversight over the powers of intelligence services.”

The Tories have been forced to relaunch their faltering general election effort this week in a bid to fight off Labour’s growing support.

After the launch of their deeply unpopular manifesto, which included an attack on elderly people to fund social care — dubbed the “dementia tax” — reports have suggested the Tories are divided and in turmoil.

One Conservative MP reportedly told the Sunday Times that the authors of the party’s manifesto should be “taken out and shot.”