18 Days Remaining

Monday 6th
posted by Morning Star in Britain

THOUSANDS of protesters descended onto the streets of Glasgow at the weekend for the biggest anti-Trident demonstration the city has seen for decades.

With just a month until the general election, Green MSP Patrick Harvie told the 4,000-strong crowd there’s “a wave of anger” across Britain “at the thought of cutting the budget to support the most vulnerable people in society, while spending even more billions on a new generation of weapons of mass destruction.”

He called on them to raise the issue of Trident with friends and family and the wider community, so that we bring the “issue of Trident to the top of the political agenda when they cast their vote.”

Nuala Watt from Human Beings on Benefits said the government was spending £100 billion on a “hypothetical Armageddon” while the cuts to public services and benefits were having a devastating impact on people’s lives.

As Westminster prepares to vote on the replacement of Trident in 2016, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told the demonstration that Trident was “a red line issue” for the SNP and that the public had an opportunity to “rewrite” Westminster’s priorities after the general election.

She said: “I want to see the scarce resources of this country invested in the future of our children.”
Left-wing Labour candidate Katy Clark called on Trident to be scrapped and the money to be spent instead on council housing, healthcare, schools and arms diversification. 

“Let’s make sure that we build the alliances we need to rid this country of nuclear weapons,” she said.

Radical Independence Campaign co-founder Cat Boyd said that “Trident is a symbol of Britain’s failure, where successive governments have cared more about providing a space for their nuclear weapons than providing shelter for their citizens.”

Speakers urged the crowd to attend a demonstration at the Faslane nuclear base on April 13 organised by the Scrap Trident coalition.

Non-violent direct action training will take place in Glasgow on Sunday April 12.